As the benefits of Oriental medicine are increasingly recognized in America, it has become evident that more and more patients are turning to natural and integrated approaches to health and treatment of disease. Bringing close to 4000 years of Oriental medical history to bear upon the vast and complex world of modern medical pathologies will be a vital tool in the fight against illness and the preservation of health. 


Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Preserve Health and Treat Disease

Alpha-Omega Health specializes in using Oriental Medicine techniques combined with modern medical scientific knowledge to provide exceptional service to patients who wish to continue in maintaining optimal health as well as fighting diseases and their symptoms.
The Oriental Medicine techniques that are used include acupuncture, herbology, and sports massage, known as Tui Na. These modalities have been used in Asia for over 4000 years and have helped millions of people maintain health and treat disease. 
Coupled with the ancient wisdom of Oriental Medicine, Alpha-Omega Health uses current scientific knowledge to further the benefits it can offer its patients to maximize results for continued health and increased ability to fight disease. The application of vitamins, minerals, and other precise supplementation added to the 4000 years of wisdom of Oriental Medicine are a vital and powerful combination to ensure well-being. Alpha-Omega Health's role is to provide its client with the best of both worlds, ancient and modern. 
Alpha-Omega Health believes in utilizing pharmaceuticals and other medications is the last resort to fight disease, as the substances, due to their substantial strength, can often cause serious and irrevesible harm.